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How to Post Yourself or Company
on the SASŪ CONSIG Web Site

Due to increasing inquiries about being posted on this site, I am trying a more efficient way to answer your questions and acquire the information needed to make a page for each of you. Just download this page and provide the appropriate information needed, and then forward it to my email address Email: I will make every effort possible to have your web page up and ready within 48 hours.

All rates are pro-rated from the current month to next March, the beginning of my fiscal year. If you (a company = $240/year) wish to post and the current month is June, then your cost will be for 9 months at $20 per month equals = $180.00 (9 mos. times $20).

Click here to see Annual Fee and Prorata Schedule

The rates are as follows:

  • Again, the opportunity to advertise your company, product or yourself on the front page of this web site, or to be listed in "Job of the Week" section every week for the entire year for $480 plus a $50 setup/administration fee ( Total Cost =$530 ) as a sponsor of this web site. Less than $1.45 per day !!! This fee will be used to sponsor a charitable organization (St. Jude's Hospital, American Red Cross etc.). The $50.00 administrative fee is payable each year for the corporate sponsorship selection.

    Due to limited Banner space on the Main web page of SCONSIG, I will limit the number of PERMANENT corporate sponsors to 5 each year. And priority will be given to existing corporate sponsors. Please check with me (Charles Patridge) if there is an interest before sending in a payment for corporate sponsorship.

    For any company wishing to be part of this program but no space currently exists for fulltime display, I have made it possible for 3 or 4 more companies to have their company logo displayed randomly in the far left hand bottom window of the main web page. Your company logo will display approximately one third to one fourth the time a visitor enters my web site. The cost for this random display of your company logo is $410.00 of which $360.00 will go to a charitable organization of your choice and $50 is for setup/administrative fee. You will receive the other benefits such as being listed every week in the "Jobs of the Week" section

  • please provide the following:

       Name: ____________________________________
      Title: ____________________________________
    Company: ____________________________________
    Address: ____________________________________
       City: ____________________________________
      State: ____    Zipcode: __________
    Country: ___________________________
      Phone: ___________________________
      Email: ___________________________
    Website: ___________________________
    Geographic Preference of Work Area (what States):
    Provide the text you wish to have posted or attach newsletter, if appropriate.

    How the SAS Job postings work once you have paid your annual/prorata posting fee: The annual or prorata fee entitles you to post as many SAS openings as you would like until next March, the beginning of my fiscal year.

    Each posting goes into the "Job of the Week" for 1 week starting with the next Sunday morning. Then at the end of 1 week (Sunday morning), it moves to "Job of the Month" for the remainder of the curre

    If you want a job to stay in the section "Job of the Week" for more than 1 week, then just email me with the job listing (all content, etc) and I will create another job posting for that week and treat it as a new posting as described above.

    This eliminates any confusion of what should or should not be in the "Job of the Week" section. In addition, when the job is filled, you do not have to contact me to have it removed.

    Remember, each week represents a new set of openings. If you want to list a SAS job just send me the necessary information via email and your posting will appear on the next Sunday morning and remain for 1 week. If you would like your job to appear sooner, just tell me that in your email message to me, and I will try my best to make it happen asap.

    I hope this explains the procedure of posting SAS jobs on my website.

    Make checks payable to:
    Charles Patridge - CONSIG Website
    172 Monce Road
    Burlington, CT 06013
    Phone: 860-673-9278

    If I have not received your money (except Unemployed) within three weeks, I will purge your page. I apologize for charging but I am limited to a certain amount of disk space and the number of inquiries is EATING up my personal time to respond and develop these pages for everyone. Plus, it does cost real money to make the site available to all involved in the SAS community worldwide.

    I have been asked if payment can be made via a charge card. The answer is NO. As of July 03, 2001 has been acquired by BankOne and upon review of the new policy for both the payee and payor, I have decided is too restrictive for both parties. My major objection is both parties have to open an account with BankOne to use this feature.

    I have looked into other such options such as, DigiCash or Cybercash and decided the fees are too expensive or the risk is too great for either party to bare. Hence, as of July 22, 2001, SCONSIG will only be able to accept cash and/or check mailed to the above address.

    If you need an invoice to submit payment please click on the following for your preference:

  • Word 95 Invoice file
  • Word 95 Invoice Form - 2nd version
  • PDF Invoice file
  • W9 Form (PDF)
  • W9 Form (GIF)

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