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Happy Holidays from the Patridge Family
Merry Christmas from the Patridge Family
by Charles Patridge
Some Christmas Midi Music
submitted by Charles Patridge
Count Your Blessings
submitted by Charles Patridge
Annual Patridge Christmas Newsletter
(465Kb PDF)
Every Minute Is Precious
submitted by William O. Smith Jr.
In the Beginning
submitted by Charles Patridge
A Christmas Prayer for our service men and women
submitted by Charles Patridge
Some of my Furry Buddies
submitted by Charles Patridge
A Patridge Christmas Greetings - Video
submitted by Charles Patridge

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    Click Here to see My Family Pictures
    The Patridge Family Slide and Movie Show
    My Family Tree Website
    I am webmaster for Burlington, CT
    Satellite Images of My Birthplace and Current Residence

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I have recently learned my Fuzzy Match routines are being used by the FBI and INTERPOL to catch bank robbers performing illegal transactions. Pretty Neat, huh?

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